型号含义 Model implication

适用范围 Applications
1. 广泛用于石油开采、炼油、化工、军工等危险环境及海洋石油平台、油轮等场所作普通照明和作业照明之用;
2. 适用于节能改造项目及检修更换困难的场所;
3. 适用于防护要求较高、潮湿的场所;
4. 适用于爆炸性气体环境的1区、2区场所;
5. 适用于ⅡA、ⅡB、ⅡC类爆炸性气体环境;
6. 适用于T1-T6组温度组别。
1. It is widely used in dangerous locations such as oil exploitation,petroleum refining industry, chemical industry, war industry,etc., as well as offshore oil platform, oil tanker and other places for general lighting and task lighting;
2. It is applicable for energy-saving reform projects and locations where are difficult to overhaul or replace;
3. It is applicable for damp locations where have high protection requirements;
4. It is applicable for zone 1 and zone 2 in explosive gas atmosphere;
5. It is applicable for explosive gas atmosphere CAT. IIA, IIB and IIC;
6. It is applicable for temperature groups T1-T6.
产品特点 Features

产品规格 Product specifications

节能对比 Energy saving comparison

主要技术参数 Main technical parameters

外形及安装尺寸 Outlines & installation dimensions

外形及安装举例 Outline and mounting example

订货须知 Order note
注:1、按照产品型号说明逐条选择并注明防爆标志;例如:需要40W、220V,吊杆式,配接线盒,气体防爆,则产品选型为:DED320-40gH ExdIICT6 Gb;
Note: 1. Select according to the product model description, pay attention to marking out the ex-mark; e.g.: Need product of 40W, 220V, pendant type, with junction box,gas explosion-proof, then the model should beDED320-40gH ExdIICT6 Gb;
2. Please give clear indication of it if need IIC junction box.
3. The lighting will be delivered without cables, please give clear indication of it if need cables.
4. Please give clear indication of it if need special voltage class, available voltage class: AC/DC36V/24V.
5. Please give clear indication of it if need other emergency time.