型号含义 Model implication

适用范围 Applications
1. 适用于爆炸性气体环境1区、2区;
2. 适用于IIA、IIB、IIC级爆炸性气体环境;
3. 适用于温度组别为T1~T6的环境;
4. 适用于石油采炼、储存、化工、医药、军工及军事设施等爆炸性危险环境;
5. 主要用于化学反应容器照明;
6. 支架式安装时可用作小范围投光照明;
7. 采用高亮节能LED光源,低能耗、长寿命、免维护;
8. 充分考虑现场使用需求,特设磁控开关,具有延时关断和触控关断两种控制方式。
1. It is applicable for zone 1 and zone 2 in explosive gas atmosphere;
2. It is applicable for explosive gas atmosphere CAT. IIA, IIB and IIC;
3. It is applicable for temperature groups T1-T6.
4. It is applicable for dangerous explosive locations such as oil exploitation, petroleum refining and storage, chemical industry,medical industry, war industry, military installation, etc;
5. It is applicable for lighting of chemical reaction vessels;
6. It is applicable for small-scale projection lighting when it adopts rack mounting;
7. It adopts high-brightness energy-saving LED light source, with low power consumption, long service, and maintenance free;
8. Fully consider the field using demands, it is especially equipped with magnetic control switch that has time-delay turn off and touch-control turn off two modes.
产品特点 Features
1. 外壳采用铝合金高压铸造成型,表面经抛丸后高压静电喷塑;
2. 防爆等级高,外形轻巧美观;
3. 采用高亮度节能LED作为光源,绿色环保,具有低能耗、长寿命、免维护等优点;
4. 针对危险环境下的化学反应容器或特定地点。专门设计磁控开关;
5. 开关内置,用户不需另配专用防爆照明开关;
6. 具有延时关断和触控关断两种控制方式,延时时间可根据用户要求定制;
7. 根据不同的使用场所,此灯具还可作小范围的投光照明,极具灵活性;
8. 内部电路设有短路保护功能;
9. 优良的密封结构设计,防水防尘性能好;
10. 钢管或电缆布线。
1.The shell is made of aluminum alloy by means of high-pressure casting, and the surface is treated with high-pressure static powder coating after shot blasting.
2.High explosive-proof grade, elegant appearance;
3.Adoption of high-brightness LED as the light source, it is featured with environmental friendly, low power consumption, long service life, maintenance free, etc;
4.It is applicable for chemical reaction vessels or special locations in dangerous environment, with special magnetic control switch;
5.Built-in switch, need not additional explosion-proof lighting switch;
6.With time-delay turn off and touch-control turn off two modes,the delay time can be custom-made according to users' requirements;
7.It also can be used as small-scale projection lighting for some applications, with good flexibility;
8.The internal circuit is equipped with short-circuit protection function;
9.Excellent seal structure design, with good watertight and dustproof performances;
10.Steel pipe or cable wiring.
主要技术参数 Main technical parameters
执行标准::GB 3836.1、GB 3836.2、IEC60079
额定电压::AC 36/110/220V
Executive standard: GB 3836.1、GB 3836.2、IEC60079
Rated voltage::AC 36/110/220V
Light source:LEDLight source
Rated power:≤3W
Time-delay turn off time:5min、10min
Protection grad:IP66
Entry spec.:G1/2"
Cable's outer diameter:Φ6mm~Φ10mm

外形及安装尺寸 Outlines & installation dimensions

订货须知 Order note
1. 用户需延时1-5min产品出厂整定为5min;需延时6-10min产品出厂整定为10min。如需延时10min以上产品订货时请注明。
2. 额定电压如有特殊要求请注明。
1. Factory default for products with time delay 1-5min is set as 5min; for products with time delay 6-10min is set as 10min. Please specify clearly if require the time delay more than 10min.
2. Please specify clearly for special requirements on rated voltage. e.g: if need a vertically installed DED51-LED explosion-proof inspection hole lamp, rated voltage is AC110, with lamp body switch control, turn off after a delay of 5min, then the order model should be DED51-LED-AC110/B5L.